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    How time flys! A new year is coming with winter holiday. We each have a plan for the New Year.

    So as a senior student, I must make a new year plan for my studying.

    At the begining of the year,I have some empty time. Now I have make a detail plan for myself. As followings : At first ,I make a strict time for myself and make efforts to carry out. Secondly everying morning, I should reading English for an hour,because my memery is well in morning.Aslo a clock is ready for myself reminding the time . Thirdly, I should take care of other subjects. Doing more maths erexise and reading a few letarace .

    Father looking for a part-time job to exercise. mother learn a musical instrument, and learn to do more delicious food.SuoNiNa eat less junk food, SuoNiNa and the teacher have more exchange


    As the saying goes,”A year's plan starts with spring, an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening” . so I make up my mine to make a plan for this whole year. First of all, I have to try my best to learn maths well. It means I have to pass all the maths exam, which is difficult for me. however, in order to take a good place in the senior high school entrance examination, I have to make my plan and achieve it. And then I have to keep the level of my Chinese where it is now. I hope I get go to an excellent high school in September. After the senior high school entrance examination, I will go out for a travel to open my mind and relax. I will try my best to do everything well.



    The new year is coming!Now,it's the time to make plans for the new year.Here is what I will do:

    1.I will get better grades.I'm good at English and Chinese, but I need to improve in my Math.I'll study better!

    2.I will break my bad habits.I often get up very very late. To get early is good for my health. So I'll get up earlier than usual.

    3.I will eat better.Ioften eat a lot of junk food. they are not good for my health.I should eat more fruits and vegetables.Theu will make my body healthier and stronger.

    This year was a good year for me,but Ican make next year even better.I'll work hard to keep my resolutionsWhat are your plans for the new year?

    Whih best wishes for the new year.


    The new year is coming.Here is my plan.I will listen to the teacher carefully in class and review what I am leant after class.I will study hard so that I can get good grades.I will spend more time on English because I am weak in my spoken English and sometimes I am shy to speak in front of the class.I will try my best to help more people.I am going to do more sports because I think it's a good way of keeping healthy.Of course I will help my parents do more housework.

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