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    中考英语范文:My Collecting-tin

    I have a lot of little handiwork,but the favorite one is my collecting-tin.

    It is a little man made of china. He wears a red hat and a pair of big glasses. His blue clothes are very nice.He has a red noseband no big eyes like stars on his face. His big and round body is very funny.

    Because of this collecting-fin,I have learned how to savemoney. When I was a little boy,I always put coins away七夕作文,then I dropped them into his round body. Sometimes he can “eat” plenty of coins at a time,He becomes heavier and heavier day after day.

    中考英语作文:My view on television

    Television has come into our life for many years.

    We can’t live happily without television. Jt can give us the latest information and news. It can open up our eyes and enlarge our knowledge. We can get happiness from the plays on television. We’ll be boring all day if there is no television. Television programs are attractive. After a whole day’s hard worlk we can sit before the television and drink a cup of tea. How wonderful it is!

    Television is also bad for people’s health. It’s bad for you to watch TV too long, especially bad for your eyes.

    It is true that watching TV can influence our behavior. However, it depends on what we do.

    中考英语作文:My view on school uniform

    At our school , we have to wear uniforms every day. The problem is that all my classmates think the uniforms are ugly. We think young people should look smart and so we would like to wear our own clothes. Our teachers believe that if we did that. We would concentrate more on our clothes than our studies.We disagree. We should feel more comfortable and thate is good for studying. If we can’t do that, we should be allowed to design our own uniforms. We also think everyone should be different from others. That would be a good way to keep both teachers and students happy.

    中考英语范文:My Beloved Teacher

    Mr Li is one of my beloved teachers.He taught us physics when we were in Senior 1.He was old,but he taught very well.He could make his classes lively and interesting. Mr Li made good preparations for his lessons and was strict with us,too.Whenever we made mistakes in our homework,he would ask us to correct and do it again. I used to be poor in physics. Mr Li often helped me with my lessons very patiently.Thanks to his help and hard work,I have made good progress and caught up with the class.As a retired teacher,he's still working hard for our educational cause(教育事业).

    中考英语记叙文范文:My Favorite Sport

    I like sports very much, such as running, skating, playing basketball. But swimming is my favorite sport .

    When I was six years old, my parents often took me to a swimming pool . They taught me how to swim. They told me not to be afraid of water , and told me to jump into water bravely. Later I became very interesting in swimming. Swimming is really very interesting .If you swim in the water, you will look like a lovely fish . Great fun. .I'm sure you will feel very happy. And the most important thing is , if you swim, you’ll be strong.

    By the way, I took part in the swimming match last week in our town.?I?was the winner. Dear friends, swimming is really very good for us. Let’s enjoy swimming .

    中考英语作文My Little Dog

    Last year七夕作文,my friend gave me a little dog. I was fond of him very much. I liked to play with him after school and he liked to follow me wherever I went. I was very glad that I had a “body guard”。

    Last winter I was very busy with my lessons and came home very late every day.However小学作文,no matter how late I went home,my dog used to stand at a comer near my school waiting for me. When I passed there,he barked two or three times then ran towards me. It seemed that he was calling me.

    My dog not only,took good care of me,but also was respoasible at home. When strangers came to my house,he barked at them but not hurt them. What a lovely dog he is!

    is he 七夕作文 如何写好作文 99作文网
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