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    北京市政府已将每月11日定为排队日。 排队日活动收到了良好的社会效果。假设你是李华,现在请你根据下列提示,用英语给某报社写一封信,呼吁在全国范围内开展排队日的活动。


    1. 北京的排队日有助于人们享受更轻松、更和谐的'生活,其它城市可借鉴;

    2. 一些人在购物或等车时不排队,定一个排队日是对他们的提醒,这样,人们会逐渐养成自觉排队的好习惯;

    3. 希望每天都成为排队日,这样,我们的社会更加美好。

    注意:1. 不必逐条翻译,可适当发挥;

    2. 词数:100左右;

    3. 参考词汇: 排队日Lining-up Day; 和谐的harmonious

    One possible version:

    Dear Editor,

    A Lining-up Day has been set in Beijing and it helps people enjoy an easier and more harmonious life. This has set a good example for other cities. Nowadays, some people are unwilling to line up when they are doing their shopping or waiting for the bus, so I think it is necessary to establish a Lining-up Day to remind them. In this way, people will form the good habit of lining up voluntarily. I do hope that we will stick to this practice and popularize it until each day becomes a Lining-up Day. Im sure it will make a big difference and our society will become more and more pleasant.

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